• $500

  • $1000

  • $2000

  • $500

  • $1000

  • $2000

Trading products Transaction reward Reward limit
Forex 3 dollars / lot $3000
Index 4 dollars / lot $3000
Commodity 5 dollars / lot $3000
Trading Bonus
Activate 24 hour cumulative deposit amount Additional rewards
≧$200 $5
≧$500 $15
≧$2000 $30

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    Activity Period: from now on to 31 Augt 2019

    Validity Period of Bonus: from the successful participation date to 31 Sept 2019

    Lots Calculation Period: from the successful participation date to 31 Aug 2019

    Platform for activity:MT4

    1. The client who opens and activates new account can participate in the activity

    2. Activity Rewards

    • (1)Recharge Reward
    • Accumulated Deposit Amount (US Dollar) Accumulated Bonus Amount (US Dollar) Requirement of Accumulated Lots
      100 100 10lots
      500 300 30lots
      1000 500 50lots
    • (2) Activate 24-hour cumulative recharge reward
    • Activate 24-hour accumulative recharge amount Additional rewards
      Over $200 $5
      Over $500 $15
      Over $2000 $30

    3. Bonus Usage Instructions

    • (1) In the activity, when the Accumulated Deposit Amount is great than or equal to $100, the Client can gain $100. In the activity, when the Accumulated Deposit Amount reaches $500, the Client will obtain a $300 Bonus accumulatively. In the activity, when the Accumulated Deposit Amount reaches $1000, the Client will obtain $500 Bonus accumulatively.
    • (2) When the Client meets the Lots Requirement of the corresponding level, the Bonus would be withdrawable after the Validity Period of Bonus.
    • (3) If at the end of the activity, the closed Lots don't match the corresponding level, then, the maximum Bonus would be granted as the level which is corresponding to the Accumulated Deposit Amount.
      Mr. Ruan deposited $500 at one time on the day of the activity, then gained $300 Bonus, and closed 30 Lots. During the activity, he deposited $500 again, and obtained $500 accumulated Bonus, by the end of the activity, Mr. Ruan completed 40 Lots in total, then the $300 Bonus would be withdrawable, the $200 Bonus would be deducted.


    • (1) The calculation definition of the number of trading lots: the client opens one lot and then closes one lot, the whole round transaction will be counted one lot.
    • (2) Trading products: foreign exchange, commodities, indices participate in this activity; Share products do not participate;
    • (3)The activity is only for Vietnamese clients, and each client can participate in up to once (the same client includes: same IP, same ID)
    • (4) If the Client withdraws before the Validity Period of Bonus, the Bonus would be deducted, please feel free to contact CS for any question you might have.
    • (5) At the end of the validity period of the activity, the Bonus would be deducted corresponding to the uncompleted Lots, Bonus deduction may result in orders being forced to close due to insufficient margin, the Client should ensure sufficient available margin without Bonus; If the Client's account balance is negative, the result will be borne by the company.
    • (6) If HXFX suspects that clients abuse, attempt to abuse, or otherwise abuse promotions, or suspects that clients use internal trading accounts, external operating software or other brokers or individuals to hedge, HXFX has the right to stop new trade of clients and require clients to cancel investment funds received by the accounts and all trades, also deduct 6% to 10% of account balance as administrative expenses as appropriate;
    • (7) HXFX reserves the right to amend, suspend, terminate this activity and any related rules and conditions, as well as the right of interpretation at any time.